Apr 13
Foam Rolling – Not Just for Athletes

Whether you are an athlete using a foam roller to roll tight muscles or an office…

Apr 05
What is New at ProActive Rehab?

We are excited to announce that we have recently added shockwave therapy to our…

Mar 01
Ask the Professionals: Factors that influence pain

Throughout my practice, I often see the same injuries from a variety of patient’s who…

Jan 24
Massage Therapy Can Help With Improving Mental Health

Q: What are some of the benefits of massage therapy to my mental well-being?

Dec 17
The Benefits of Kinesiology/Sports Taping

Physiotherapists often use taping techniques to help speed recovery from an injury. …

Nov 29
ProActive Rehab Celebrates 20 Years

November 30th, 2021 will mark 20 years since ProActive Rehab first opened its doors in…

Oct 27
Why is relaxation part of my physiotherapy treatment?

Even before the pandemic happened, many of us led pretty stressful lives. Research…

Sep 17
Massage Therapy and Post-Surgical Recovery

At ProActive Rehab we see many patients for post-surgical recovery; Whether it is a…

Aug 27
Ask the Professionals: Causes of Stiff Neck

Does a bad pillow causes stiff neck?

Jul 29
ProActive’s Community Support

ProActive Rehab came into being on November 30, 2001. As the proud, homegrown…