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Jul 20
5 Tips For Improving Your Sleep

These are the ways to get a good night sleep.

Jul 11
OMG it hurts, cut off that toe!

What do you need to do if it really hurts?

Jul 03
Who benefits from foot care?

The feet are often ignored in discussions about overall well-being; however, taking…

Jun 29
Orthotics??? Really?

We now offer orthotics!

Jun 23
Don’t Get Stuck With Sore Feet This Summer!

Summer is the time to get out your sandals and give your feet some fresh air, this can…

Jun 21
Does Your Elderly Loved One Have A Care Plan?

How an elderly care plan helps the care recipient and the entire family

May 13
Ingrown Nail Pain?

You don't have to suffer through it

May 12
Enduring Vetiver

A peaceful breeze blows by, wakening you from a restful afternoon nap. Do you open…

May 11
Tim noticed that something was wrong–eventually!

In January, 2004, Tim started to have unusual headaches.

Apr 30
Recipes that Make the Grade

Anticipation, excitement, and anxious feelings are only three of a litany of…