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Nov 17
Can Massage Therapy be a Good Treatment option for Concussion Management?

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Oct 29
Ask the Professional – Is Manual Lymph Drainage good for you?

Manual Lymph Drainage is a trained skill that is offered and taught by 3 institutes in…

Oct 03
Falls Prevention

November is Fall Prevention Month in Canada so it is a good time to address this…

Aug 12
What can be done for BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

Vertigo, a specific type of dizziness that involves the sensation of the room moving…

Jul 29
Ask the Professionals: Massage Therapy after Surgery

Can massage therapy help with recovery after surgery?

Jun 30
Ask the Professionals: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is swelling you ask? I think we can all say we have experienced swelling at some…

Jun 21
Have you seen your parents feet lately?

We take care of our elderly parents. We grocery shop, we take them to the bank, and we…

May 31
How Physio Can Help With Long COVID

Although the mechanisms that cause post-COVID conditions are still being investigated,…

May 21
Toe and Foot Transformations

Let’s share with you foot and nail conditions and how we transform them to a healthier…

Apr 26
Ouch! Do You Suffer from Arthritis?

As an arthritis sufferer myself in my legs, I was still surprised to learn in a survey…