Sep 02
The Five Languages of Love

Identifying your partner’s love language will help you build a long-lasting relationship.

Feb 14
Relationships and proper Communication!

We tend to make assumptions in many communication cycles. See below for my example. A…

Jun 26
Why do People Have an Affair?

Why does infidelity occur? Is it simply a selfish act that fulfills the one person’s…

Jun 11
5 things a couple can try before separating.

Top 5 things a couple can do to try and repair their relationship before getting separated

Apr 19
How do I know if my relationship is in a negative pattern?

There are many negative patterns: many have to do with communication failures such as…

Sep 26
Relationship Conflict

At the fist mentioning of the word conflict it is quite likely that it would represent…

Nov 01
5 Ways to Stay Injury-Free this Ski Season

The ski and snowboard season is in full swing, and with it comes an unsettling number…

Oct 19
Why do I get so angry so fast?

It is most likely that someone who is quick to anger in an intense way, has…

Jun 03
The Repair Of Conflict

Quite often the tension and stress following a harmful conflict/upset is not bearable…