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    Hair Removal
    Jan 03 2020

    All About an Electrolysis Treatment

    Do you need to worry about the liquid used for Electrolysis...

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    South Side Wellness Studio
    Dec 13 2019

    Is There Down Time When Having an Electrolysis Treatment?

    Electrolysis Treatment is a quick skin treatment patients can opt...

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    South Side Wellness Studio
    Nov 29 2019

    Does Electrolysis Hurt?

    Electrolysis has a sensation that is very mild, therefore, allowing clients to feel comfortable throughout the...

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    Sep 05 2019

    Electrolysis: Does it permanently eliminate unwanted Healthy Body hair?

    For those desiring a hair free look, our service is safe, hygienic and 100% effective. Understanding the cause of superfluous hair growth is important throughout the different stages in your life; it is common for new hair growth to occur. There are...

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