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Hair Removal
Jan 03 2020

All About an Electrolysis Treatment

What Is The Liquid Put On My Skin When Getting An Electrolysis Treatment? No harsh chemicals are used on the skin! Typically, alcohol is used to cleanse the skin prior to the treatment and Witch Hazel is used following the...

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South Side Wellness Studio
Dec 13 2019

Is There Down Time When Having an Electrolysis Treatment?

In most cases, clients experience little to no downtime after an electrolysis treatment. The area being treated may be a light pinkish for a short duration of time. Normally, clients are often able to resume their regular routines and activities...

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South Side Wellness Studio
Nov 29 2019

Does Electrolysis Hurt?

In general, during an electrolysis treatment, clients may temporarily feel a slight tingling similar to a mosquito bite. This sensation is very mild, therefore, allowing clients to feel comfortable throughout the treatment. The comfort level really...

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Sep 05 2019

Electrolysis: Does it permanently eliminate unwanted Healthy Body hair?

For those desiring a hair-free look, our service is safe, hygienic and 100% effective. Understanding the cause of superfluous hair growth is important throughout the different stages in your life; it is common for new hair growth to occur. There are...

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