Apr 26
How does an x-ray machine work?

An x-ray machine is a piece of equipment that produces ionizing radiation. When…

Jul 25
Are there mobile diagnostic services?

Yes, StL Diagnostic Imaging provides both mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound services.

Jul 18
How does an ultrasound machine work?

An ultrasound machine is a piece of equipment that produces sound waves emitted by a…

Jul 04
What is occupational health?

Occupational health is defined as the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree…

Jun 27
When pregnant how often can I go for an ultrasound?

On average a woman with a normal 40 week pregnancy will have 3 ultrasounds.

Jun 16
Why do I have to drink water before my ultrasound exam?

The type of ultrasound exam will determine whether you need to drink water for the…

Jun 09
Are ultrasound exams harmful?

Ultrasound energy that produces the sound waves is not harmful when properly applied…