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Pole dancing for little girls?

I remember the time, not all that long ago, mind you, when little girls played with dolls, went outside to skip rope and enrolled in ballet classes. Perhaps ballet has been replaced with gymnastics and soccer cleats have replaced the jump rope, but I am quite certain little girls still love dolls. I know because when I gave my friend’s daughter one for her 5th birthday, the excitement that overcame her as she opened the box tells me that I hit the mark with that gift.

As you are considering what to do with your kids after school, no doubt you’ve been over it in your mind a hundred times. Offering them a combination of exercise, fun, maybe some intellectual stimulation, it’s not just about making sure they have some place to go and something to do after school. After all, you want your children to be well-rounded, right? Go ask your daughter, or if you don’t have one, ask your niece, the daughter of friends or your next-door neighbour’s daughter what extra-curricular activity she wants to take part in. My bet is that soccer, dance class, gymnastics, swimming and maybe some art or music lesson will round out the top ten.

So why then am I reading about girls as young as toddlers taking pole dancing classes? When did girls stop idolizing fierce female soccer players, graceful and athletic gymnasts and stop wanting to be the lead swan in Swan Lake? Wait, back up a second! Where do little girls even get these ideas? Are pole dancing classes offered at school? Are they offered at the local YMCA? Do the Girl Guides offer classes in pole dancing? Is it a competition during the summer Olympics that I somehow missed?

Why on earth do little girls need to learn pole dancing? What exactly am I missing here? There are numerous ways to make sure girls get exercise and if they’re competitive, great! There are sports for that as well. But what does pole dancing teach them that a dance or gymnastics class doesn’t?

Judging from the fact that these $70 classes are sold out tells me that I may be alone in my confusion. All over the country moms can’t wait to sign their child up for pole dancing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for YOU enrolling in a pole dancing class. If you feel it will give you the grace and confidence you need, I am your biggest supporter. If you think it will spice up activity in your private life, I salute you! But why do our daughters have to take part in this?

Am I being a bit old fashioned when I say the idea of my friend’s 5-year old ditching that doll I gave her for a sparkly leotard and pole just a wee bit grotesque?


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!


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