Winter Wonderland and Winter Fitness

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Fitness Tips for Winter Season

Today we had our first real snowfall of the season. It’s a bit slushy out there, so drive safe! I’ve been waiting anxiously for the snow to come; I’m one of those people that loves winter.

Some people dread the winter months, and although they may be a little chilly in Winnipeg, there is certainly no shortage of winter activities. This post will focus on giving you some inspiration on how to get outside and make the most of winter.

Last winter was a great one. There were a lot of new events that came to Winnipeg, including the Great Ice Show. The sculptures they had made were incredibly detailed, and lots of people took advantage of the mild weather to take the kids during the day, or to go for a drink with friends at night. The show won’t be back this year, but be sure to check out the equally impressive snow sculptures at Festival du Voyageur.

Another new event last year was the Wild Winter Canoe Race, put on by Inclusion Winnipeg. It was the first year they had the event, where five people would run half in/half out of a canoe. The first prize was a trip to Churchill with ViaRail. This year, we have entered a team and hope to take first place!

When the river freezes, the Red River Mutual Trail is one of the longest ice skating river trails in the world, if not the longest. They always come up with some cool designs for the warming huts, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they build this year. We will also be planning another ‘Great Skate’, which was a 6km skating race November Project Winnipeg put on last year for the first time.

Speaking of November Project (NP YWG), we still work out every Wednesday morning, 6:14 am at The Forks, all winter long. If you dress appropriately, you won’t even notice the cold or the snow. Last year, I entered a ‘hypothermic‘ half marathon, which turned out to be a really nice winter day.

That’s just a taste of what Winnipeg has to offer. Winter horseback riding is great in the snow, and cross country ski season will start soon at Windsor Park Nordic Centre. I hope you challenge yourself to get outside and try a new winter activity this year. It might change how you feel about Winnipeg winters, and it will definitely help get you through the cold months. This time of the year also means Christmas parties are coming up. Last year was a great success, and we will have the same team on board for this Christmas season, with the addition of Tyler to our front desk team.

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