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Go Beyond The Edge Of Your Experience – NLP & Hypnosis Training For Success

Life is calling on you to go beyond the edge of your experience, always. The only guarantee in life is change. These days, that is truer than ever.

If things are working great in your life (and very few of us can honestly say that everything is going tickety-boo), all the power to you. If you are struggling, holding onto your old views is like chasing your tail.

Let’s Get Real

Failing over and over means that SOMETHING has to change. And if you are a hypnotist, coach, therapist, manager, teacher, parent or anyone else helping others grow and achieve, you owe it to your clients/students/employees/kids to be as flexible as possible in facilitating this change. And that all starts with you. Changing yourself and going beyond your own edge gives you incredible insight into helping others grow through their limitations.

Most people ignore this call and hunker down in the comfort of what’s familiar and predictable. Getting away with things is what you do when you are 4 or 7 or 15 years old. It’s a phase you are meant to grow through.

Comfort Is Poison

Many people seek out confirmation for what they already believe to be true. They surround themselves with people who have similar beliefs. They come up with stories and excuses to support their delusion. Numb themselves to the real life consequences of their choices. Martyr themselves to their circumstances, and convince themselves it’s happening TO them. That there is nothing they can do. Distract with other (seemingly very important, necessary and valuable) things because they can’t stand the discomfort of facing their reality. Even when there is evidence everywhere that they are hurting themselves.

If you prefer the comfortable and familiar, you may need to remind yourself that if you do nothing, eventually there are very real consequences. Sometimes the consequences happen so gradually that we adapt and don’t perceive a problem. Like the proverbial frog that gets boiled slowly.

Breaking Out Of Delusion

Sometimes people don’t even realize they are hurting themselves. A great example is people who take pride in being really good at logical thought. Our world tends to reward this. It looks smart and valuable. And it can be. But not when you are trying to logic your way through the emotional side of life. It tends to wreak havoc with your relationships, health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life. So worshipping at the alter of logical thought is really a fool’s errand.

The truth is that we are all ruled by our emotions, and we rationalize our decisions after we have made them emotionally. Even the most logical rational person does this. Not admitting it is like a magic trick. And it means that you are going through life by fooling yourself.

A More Accurate Reality: NLP Hypnosis Training

One of the NLP presuppositions is “The Map Is Not The Territory.” In other words, your beliefs are a watered down and likely inaccurate representation of reality.

What if you could totally embrace this? Be with the discomfort of not knowing? The awkwardness of having your blinders removed? Having what you used to believe get blown out of the water?

This takes some courage. But it’s worth it. And if you are here to be fully alive, and help others make the most of their possibilities, it has to happen.

Growing Through Challenge

When hypnosis and NLP help you transform your life, the key hypnotic experience is to step into a more useful model of the world long enough to experience the benefits.

And realize that you have nothing to lose. You can always go back to your old beliefs if you so choose.

If you are ready for the feedback and experience you need for greater success, call 905-634-4777 to set up a free consultation. At this time we will see if our hypnosis training is right for you.