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    Jul 27 2021

    Hypnotherapy and Hypnotism – What’s The Difference?

    It depends on the laws of your land. In some places there is no difference. Here in Ontario, hypnotherapy training and hypnotism training is the...

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    Jun 24 2021

    Go Beyond The Edge Of Your Experience – NLP & Hypnosis Training For Success

    Life is calling on you to go beyond the edge of your experience, always. The only guarantee in life is change. These days, that is truer than...

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    May 27 2021

    Pearls Of Hypnotic Success Wisdom From The Scottish Doctor

    Going back to the cradle of modern hypnosis practice, we are going to shine our expert spotlight on Dr. James Braid. He identified a crucial element of hypnotic success: single mindedness AKA...

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    Mar 12 2021

    Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

    How To Get The Most From Your Hypnosis Training (& Just About Anything Else You Want To Learn In...

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    NLP training Burlington
    Oct 30 2020

    How To Understand Yourself & Other People For Success

    The NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Is Your Opportunity To Learn: Communication Skills Easily connect with people Deliver your message in a memorable way Enhance non-verbal communication & read Healthy Body language Build...

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    Hypnosis Training
    Oct 29 2020

    Hypnosis for Fun Or Profit – Become a Hypnotist!

    Do it right. When you are serious about becoming a hypnotist, this hands-on training is for you. This training has a strong practical focus. Observe live client sessions at the Burlington Hypnosis Centre. Get experience hypnotizing people. Receive...

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    Burlignton Hypnosis
    Jun 26 2020

    How I Freed Myself From Stress & Emotional Chaos

    I had an epiphany the other day. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I was driving down the road and I had a full day ahead of me. And I mean a full day!...

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    Burlington Hypnosis Centre
    Jun 10 2020

    Too Much On Your Plate?

    Too much on your plate? Hypnosis can help you lose weight, escape guilt and resentment, and enjoy your life! This story is a fictional collage of reactions seen in hypnosis clients as they learn how to manage stress. On the outside Becky looked...

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    Get help with stress & business strategy
    Mar 20 2020

    Attention Alternative Health Business Owners

    Alternative Health Business Owners: Get help with stress & business strategy during the COVID-19 shutdown 2 free calls: Tuesday March 31st at 7 PM EST - Get powerful techniques for stress management and confidence. Thursday April 2nd at 7 PM...

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    Burlington Hypnosis Centre
    Feb 21 2020

    Speak Like a Pro – Public Speaking Bootcamp

    Be the best version of yourself when you are speaking to a large...

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    Aug 09 2019

    Hypnosis As Yoga For The Healthy Mind

    I was originally drawn to yoga as a way to enhance my life, to become more fully myself - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There were clouds blocking the sun that was my essence. I was seeking to learn how to let those clouds float away...

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    Business Boot Camp
    Aug 07 2019

    The Hypnosis Business Bootcamp

    You love helping people and have a dream of making hypnosis your full-time career. The good news is that so many people need your help. The Master Hypnotist Society has a 30-year track record of training people how to build thriving hypnosis...

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    Reaching Goals
    Jun 01 2019

    Are You Hiding Out From Life?

    Some people are so disappointed by real life that they are escaping into virtual experiences instead of having real experiences. Like getting addicted to a TV series and grieving the story and the characters when it...

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    Jan 16 2019

    Stressed out all the time?

    This story is a fictional collage of reactions seen in hypnosis clients as they learn how to manage stress. Jodie was debating in her head all day and night. Judging herself. Rehashing past events. Worrying about what will happen - with work,...

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    NLP Training
    Jan 01 2019

    6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing Hypnosis Training

    So you want to become a hypnotist. Here\'s the lowdown on how to avoid hypnosis training courses that only scratch the surface of what\'s possible. NLP Training, Hypnosis Training, Hypnotherapy...

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    Hypnosis Training
    Oct 23 2018

    Practical Hypnosis Training for all

    Learn how to seamlessly integrate powerful suggestions into your healing massage treatments, and maximize your effectiveness by helping the mind and the Healthy Body together. This is a key area for continuing massage therapy education. You will...

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    Achive goals
    Oct 13 2018

    This Wacky Yiddish Curse Could Change Your Life

    There is an old Yiddish curse that says \"may you grow like an onion with your head in the ground.\" Unfortunately many people are under this curse, and they often don\'t even know it. Make sure you\'re not one of them. The saying that necessity...

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    What is NLP
    Sep 20 2018

    What is NLP?

    What is NLP and what can it do for me? What is NLP, NLP Training, Hypnosis Training, Hypnotherapy...

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    Stress relief
    Aug 22 2018

    “I Don’t Believe In Hypnosis”

    The other day a heavy smoker came into my office, could barely walk down the street with all the huffing and puffing. He said he wanted to stop smoking. On the verge of retirement, he realized he\'d better stop if he wanted to have any chance of...

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    Jun 27 2018

    12 Ways Parents Can Reduce Stress REALISTICALLY & Be Better Parents

    My parents never knew I had homework, never mind helping me with it. These days\' kids expect parents to entertain them and organize play dates. And take them to after school activities several nights a week (per kid!). It\'s considered child...

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    NLP Training
    Apr 11 2018

    How Hypnotic Skills Can Help You Grow Your Health Business

    Your clients make decisions based on their perception of how well you can serve...

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    Feeling better
    Mar 14 2018

    The Idea Of Being Hypnotized Freaks Me Out

    I was at a social gathering the other night, and a woman I was chatting with admitted that she was freaked out about being hypnotized. Worried about someone poking around inside her head and revealing her secrets. She is one of the many people who...

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    Hypnosis Training
    Jan 15 2018

    Practical Hypnosis Training For Massage Therapists

    Learn how to seamlessly integrate powerful suggestions into your healing massage treatments, and maximize your effectiveness by helping the mind and the Healthy Body together. This is a key area for continuing massage therapy education. When your...

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    Oct 18 2017

    How To Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

    There is a real biological reason why public speaking is the most common fear. To your nervous system, staring is perceived as a threat. So when you are in front of a group of people, and all eyes are on you, the natural response is to fight, flee...

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    Jun 21 2017

    How to lift the curse of ‘why can’t I…’

    How can I change my way of thinking to reach my...

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    Weight Loss Hypnosis
    Jul 13 2016

    When being rational is completely irrational

    Whenever I try to lose weight I end up sabotaging myself. How can I stop doing...

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    Understanding Top Dog-Under Dog Thinking
    Oct 19 2015

    Understanding Top Dog-Under Dog Thinking

    This self-torture game is the real reason you repeatedly fail to get your goals. What\'s worse is that you\'ve failed so many times already that you are expecting to fail again. A recipe for disaster. Slapping a coat of paint on a water leak crack...

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    Hypnosis and Weight Loss
    May 19 2015

    Hypnosis and Weight Loss

    Have you tried everything to lose weight, and every time you lose, you gain it back again? There is no one-size-fits-all approach for weight loss hypnosis. Your best bet is to seek a seasoned hypnotist who specializes in weight loss hypnosis, and...

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    Hypnosis to stop smoking habits |Burlington Hypnosis Centre
    Jan 26 2015

    The effects of Hypnosis on smoking habits

    To successfully stop smoking with hypnosis, you must be serious. Willing to level and follow instructions. If you are sincerely ready, hypnosis can make it easy to stop...

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    What to expect in a Hypnosis session | Burlington Hypnosis Centre
    Jan 12 2015

    What to expect in a Hypnosis session

    I see Hypnotists on TV, what should I expect in a hypnosis...

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