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10 Reasons Why Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss

The story of Elena is fictional and draws from many real client weight-loss experiences at Burlington Hypnosis.

The story of Elena is fictional and draws from many real client weight-loss experiences at Burlington Hypnosis.

Elena was struggling to lose weight for years. Yet the scale kept going up and up and up. She found herself wanting to hide – dressing to disappear, avoiding social outings, distracting herself with other things. Her knees were aching, and she was worried about her health problems. All-day she thought about what she should or shouldn’t eat. By evening she got so fed up that she grabbed the supersize bag of chips or hit the drive-thru. When she would catch a glance of herself in the mirror, Elena didn’t recognize herself. She didn’t know what to do. 

One day online she came across a woman who finally lost weight with hypnosis. This woman seemed to be just like her. This gave her hope that weight loss was possible.

Discover How To End The Weight Loss Struggle With Hypnosis

Elena decided to lose weight with the help of hypnosis. Here are the important things she found out.

1. Willpower Sabotages Weight Loss

After years of battling herself overeating and exercise, Elena discovered with hypnosis that trying to use willpower was part of the problem. She realize that when she swore off the chips, it made her want them even more. Instead, hypnosis helped her tune into her real needs and find out what she genuinely wanted. Hypnosis helped her realize that it wasn’t the chips after all. And the battle just dropped away.

2. The Weight Is The Symptom

Elena realized she was making everything and everybody a priority. So by the end of the day, she was completely exhausted. This made it very difficult for her to make healthy choices and take care of herself. As a result, the weight piled on. With hypnosis, she learned how to shift her focus, so that she could both take care of herself and give to others. When she made this change, Elena was surprised at how natural it was to making healthy choices.

3. You Are Using Eating To Cope With Life

Elena discovered that she was eating to comfort herself, relieve boredom and escape stress. Because she was self-conscious about the weight, she was avoiding romance and other social situations. Instead, she sought adventure and fun in food.

Hypnosis helped Elena learn how to cope with life in healthy ways. This freed her to enjoy eating for its real purpose – physical nutrition.

4. A Confident You Makes It Easier To Be A Slimmer You

Self-consciousness makes people want to hide. So does lack of self-confidence. And as people pull away from life, they get used to being couch potatoes. Familiarity gets confused with desire.

This was certainly Elena’s experience. She was convinced that she enjoyed hiding out.

With the help of hypnosis, Elena let go of her self-consciousness and became more confident and secure. This made it easier for her to start living her life more fully. She was surprised to find that she actually enjoys people and experiences.

5. Hypnosis Can Help You Lower Stress & Improve Your Sleep – Which Can Help With Weight Loss

Elena was feeling stressed most of the time, and tossing and turning at night. Her body wasn’t having the chance to rest and heal. Chronic stress and lack of proper sleep can contribute to weight gain.

Hypnosis helped Elena be calmer and sleep better. This gave her the energy to enjoy life, and take care of herself. It also helped her body let go of the weight.

6. Old Habits Can Sabotage Weight Loss

Elena had grown up in a household where everything that happened was a reason to eat. Feeling sad? Have a treat to feel better. Happy? Celebrate by eating. Bored? Eating gives you something to do. Accomplish something? Time to have a snack. Procrastinating? Eat. Wake up at 3 AM? Have a bowl of cereal.

With hypnosis, Elena learned how to make new choices. She was able to break out of her past habits. She also experienced how hypnosis could help her create new habits to support living a healthy, fit life.

7. Hypnosis Helps You Learn How To Make Fitness Part Of Your Life

Elena always thought she hated exercise. She designed her life to avoid movement as much as possible.

With the help of hypnosis, she discovered that physical movement helped her feel better, and have more energy. She was surprised at how much she looks forward to fitness now. The feeling of vitality makes her whole day better.

8. Butt Kicks Make Weight-Loss Harder – Hypnosis Helps You Learn How To Be Nice To Yourself While Losing Weight

Many people are really hard on themselves. They believe if they kick themselves in the butt or feel guilty about eating “bad” foods or “cheating” that it will help them lose the weight.

Elena was doing this big time. She realized all the pressure and judgement wasn’t helping. Instead, it was making her want to escape, and her escape was eating.

Hypnosis helped Elena dump the guilt. She stopped being so hard on herself. She learned how to be nice to herself, and this made the weight loss journey way easier.

9. Weight Loss Sabotage Can Come From (Even Well-Meaning) Loved Ones

Bonding. Partners in crime. Crabs in a bucket. Envy and jealousy. Relationships can, and often do, include all of this.

Hypnosis helped Elena recognize where she was allowing her family and friends to sabotage her weight loss. She found out that she could bond with them in healthy ways. She also learned how to set healthy boundaries while loving her people. This made the weight loss so much easier.

10. Hypnosis Helps You Learn How To Keep Your Weight Loss

Let’s face it. Most people lose weight, and then gain it all back, usually with some extra pounds to boot. It is frustrating, heartbreaking, and bad for your health to yo yo like this.

Extreme diets, pre-packaged foods or intense fitness regimes are a fool’s errand. The only real way to lose weight is by learning to have a thin lifestyle that you can live with over time.

Hypnosis helped Elena adjust her motivation and attitude. This gave her the opportunity to discover that she prefers taking the actions that helps her be slim and fit. Since the fit lifestyle was so full of real rewards, it was easy to realistically maintain her weight loss over time.

If you can relate to Elena’s experience with weight loss, hypnosis may be your opportunity to get the help you need.