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The effects of Hypnosis on smoking habits

Does hypnosis really help to quit smoking?

Most smokers will admit that the first time they smoked they suffered through the cigarette.  Maybe they coughed or felt lightheaded, or hated the smell and taste.  Usually, they keep smoking to be part of the group or rebel, or distract themselves from painful emotions.  Over time, they associate smoking with changing their mood.   Or doing daily activities such as eating or driving.  They convince themselves they are smokers.  Can’t imagine life without cigarettes. 

Hypnosis helps people escape this trap.  Remember to their natural desire to breathe clean, fresh air.  Learn how to escape moods like stress or boredom in healthy ways.  Enjoy their daily activities as non-smokers. 

To successfully stop smoking with hypnosis, you must be serious.  Willing to level and follow instructions.  If you are sincerely ready, hypnosis can make it easy to stop smoking. 

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


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