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Re-Living Past Lives!

What is Past Life Regression? Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Past Life Regression is an area of hypnosis that is very trendy.  The hypnotist uses regression hypnosis to help the client relive events from past lives.  Some people do it to satisfy curiosity or have an adventure.  Others do it because they believe that resolving trauma from past lives is the key to helping them with current problems. 

Is Past Life Regression Real?  

The jury is out on that one.  Some people believe it is real.  Others explore past lives as a metaphorical journey. 

Is Past Life Regression Safe?  

Practitioners claim that past life regression can help people resolve current problems.  In some instances, this may happen.  However, there is a risk that the regression can have a negative impact on the person’s present life.  Clients may need help adjusting to their new discoveries.  

When people go to past lives, they may relive very traumatic experiences.  Past life regression may be safe if it is done under the supervision of a professional who is qualified to help people with serious trauma.  Follow up after the past life regression is important for the welfare of the client.

With past life regression, you never know what you will unearth.  Beware that this can be a Pandora’s Box.

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