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Botox with Less Pain

Is there a more comfortable way to have Botox?

Many patients tell me that they would have Botox treatment more often if it wasn’t as painful.  I do sympathize.  Even if you don’t require many units, for those of us who don’t like needles, the Botox treatment can be quite an ordeal.

Today, with evolving techniques, your Botox treatment can now be performed in a comfortable manner.  With some numbing cream strategically placed and a very small needle (so tiny one can hardly see it) you will find the treatment quite comfortable.

So, for those that find the Botox treatment stressful, for a bit more time and money, this type of treatment is definitely worth requesting of your injecting physician.

Botox has been in Canada for 10 years and approximately 3 million Botox treatments are safely performed annually.


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