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Growing your eyelashes back to their fullest

How can I grow my eyelashes longer?

I noticed that long, lush, lashes have again become a fashion statement; the  Londonmodel of the 60’s comes to mind, Twiggy.  Her big false eyelashes on both the top and lower lids, denoted innocence and youth.  Those false lashes of the past have gradually faded out, but not completely.

Fashion re-discovered big lashes, as we transitioned into the land of lash extensions.  They were great for awhile.  However, the glued on extensions had a tendency to break our naturally growing lashes and even mascara couldn’t improve the sparse fray that was left behind.

Not only does gluing our lids with lash extensions play havoc with our eye lashes; age affects our lashes as well.  Lash length and thickness starts to decrease as early as our 20’s on to the 30’s.  At the age of sixty, the lashes are considerably shorter, thinner, and lighter.  In medical terms this is called hypotrichosis – a shortage of lashes. 

Hypotrichosis is treatable with Latisse®.  Latisse®, a product of the trusted company Allergan, available as a prescription, and when used as directed is very effective in growing fuller, longer, and darker lashes. Results actually start to appear as soon as eight weeks.

As Latisse® is a prescription it is only available in a doctor’s office.  Unlike over-the-counter eye lash products, Latisse® has been clinically proven and approved to actually increase the number and length of eye lashes by prolonging their growth cycle.

The Latisse® product is bottled in an eye dropper container and boxed with several brush applicators.  One drop of Latisse® is placed on the sterile applicator and applied to a cleansed eye lid.  Just along the edge where the eye lash growth meets the lid, drawn much like you would apply an eye liner.  This brush is then thrown away and another brush applicator is used and applied to the other eye.  This applicator too, is thrown away.  Simply, dab excess from the corners of the eye.  The application of Latisse®   is performed nightly, just before bed. Easy and no mess or fuss! The results are remarkable – a healthy growth of longer, darker, fuller lashes.

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