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Just banter or was there substance to her comments?

Celebrities are famous for running their mouths, aren’t they? As if they are authorities on everything, they spout opinions, make judgments and frequently offer unsolicited advice. This is nothing new. Lacking political experience or a degree in psychology, that doesn’t stop many from expressing to the world how they would run the government or raise your kids.

So who’s the troublemaker this time? Kathy Lee Gifford of course.

Here’s the quote that’s causing the uproar:

“I’m not a perfect mom, but my kids haven’t been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right!” – Kathy Lee Gifford in an interview with Family Circle Magazine.

Were they stupid comments that were taken out of context or was she really implying that parents of drug addicts, kids who have been expelled from school and/or arrested are not doing anything right? Well, since she hasn’t addressed the comments, it’s really difficult to tell.

For a moment, let’s forget about whose kids are on drugs, being expelled from school or being arrested. Let’s put it in context that Gifford herself can relate to.

Mrs. Gifford has made no secret that she’s a devout Christian. When she was interviewed by the 700 Club, in response to a question about the impact that faith has had on her life, she responded, “Without forgiveness, without faith in my life, I’d be in rehab. Frank would be dead (I’d be in jail for killing him), or my kids would be a wreck because we would have gotten a divorce. I can’t even imagine the scenario.”

I am not sure what the rehab comment refers to. Speculation has swirled for years that she drinks too much, but I can’t find anything to substantiate that, so I’ll leave that alone. But what about the latter part of her quote? That seems like the comment of someone who’s experienced hardship in a marriage, right? Well, sure. Her husband had an affair and was caught on video doing the deed. It happens, right? Maybe proof on video and public scandals happen to people in the limelight because gossip rags look for weaknesses to exploit. However, no need to judge her for it, right? She and her husband worked through a difficult time, and by all accounts their marriage is stronger than ever. Is it her fault that her husband had an affair? That’s rhetorical, but the point is, like addiction, cheating happens in marriages all the time and doesn’t discriminate based on who was raised right and had excellent parenting or who was raised in dysfunctional families. Both happen to so-called “good families” and to suggest otherwise is plain ignorance.

Even if her comments were said without thinking, hey, she’s been known to do that before, just ask Martin Short about his deceased wife, I personally think three things on the topic:

  1. Think before you speak, lest you wish to remove your foot from your mouth
  2. Addiction is a disease and like any chronic condition, can strike anyone
  3. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

What do you think?


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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