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Fat burning undies?

When most people want to lose a few pounds, they tend to pay closer attention to their diet and/or amp up their fitness regimen. According to an article in The Telegraph, many people in Japan are turning to “fat burning” underwear to shed those extra pounds. Yes, seriously.

Since the weight loss market in the U.S alone was worth $60.9 billion in 2010, it’s no surprise that every Saturday morning, when you turn on your television, you’re bombarded with infomercials for new gimmicks. From the “shake weight” to rocker shoes, there are endless “weight loss” products in the market that promise you’ll lose those extra pounds while putting out little to no additional effort.  “Just buy our product and watch the weight fall off your Healthy Body!”

Do these products really work? At the end of the day it’s not going to cut it if you want results. Imagine if you could just sit on your couch and wear a magical pair of underwear to lose weight, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Let’s be honest! You are much better off ditching the swanky underwear and heading out to try a new fitness class or hiring a personal trainer a few times a week. Not only would you lose far more calories, but you would reap all the other health benefits that come along with an active lifestyle.

Not to mention that typically people who stay active have better control of their diet and make healthier food choices. They know how hard it is to burn off that cookie, which makes them less likely to indulge on a regular basis.

If there was a magic pill or product out there that made the weight just fall off, I don’t think we would be facing such an alarming rate of obesity.

Think of someone you’ve met who’s lost weight and have kept it off. I’m sure they didn’t tell you they took a magic pill and carried a shake weight to drop the pounds. I’m guessing it was all about diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, which certainly isn’t news.

Sustaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle choice.  I don’t think there are any real quick fixes out there.  Although the ads give me a good chuckle, I won’t be ordering any calorie burning skivvies anytime soon, how about you?


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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