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Striking a balance

Many women today are trying to strike the balance between time with their children, spouse and career, all the while keeping up a healthy and active lifestyle. I recently had the opportunity to speak with a woman who’s seemed to have accomplished just that.

Lesley Stewart is an on-air “Ch Morning Live” personality and has been the head cheerleader for both the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Toronto Argonauts. With three Grey Cup wins under her belt, you may think motherhood would be a walk in the park. She may have had to change her priorities when her son Jack was born in 2008, but she certainly hasn’t slowed down.

J: “How have you managed being a mother, wife, on-air personality with CH and a thriving career with the CFL?”

L: “It’s been very hard to juggle my crazy schedule, especially getting up at 3am everyday for the morning show, but I had to figure it out. I think I’m just starting to hit my stride and Jack is turning 3 in November.”

J: “Have you found anything, in particular, to make the load easier?”

L: “This year I hired one of my most loyal and long-time cheer team members to be my assistant coach – best decision ever! Jack is also doing Montessori in the mornings, so it gives me time to get a few things done before I pick him up at noon.”

J: “With such a jam-packed schedule, it must be hard to get enough down-time. How do you keep yourself energized?”

L: “Through all of this I have tried to be as healthy as possible. The lack of sleep isn’t good for anyone, so I tried to compensate for the loss by eating well and exercising”.

J: “How did you stay healthy and in shape through your pregnancy?”

L: “I ate extremely well during my pregnancy, and only gained 20 pounds. I drank a wheat grass shot every single day! I had lots of smoothies and peanut butter on toast. Oh and lots of salmon!

J: “On top of obviously staying active, what do you do to keep your family and yourself healthy?”

L: “Natural & organic products are a must for me and my family; everything from skincare products, produce, meat and dairy. I have never smoked and I only have one coffee a day, my daily ritual from Starbucks!”

J: “Other than cheerleading, how do you stay in shape?”

L:My favourite types of exercise are yoga classes, drop in dance classes of any kind, the elliptical trainer and weights three times a week.”

J: “What’s been the best experience in your life so far?”

L: “Life as a mom trumps everything I’ve done, and winning Grey Cups are pretty cool I must tell you!

J: “What do you hope for in the future as far as your career with the CFL?”

L: “My goal in the CFL is to win a Grey Cup with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, celebrate my 20th anniversary with the league next year, as well as celebrate the 100th Grey Cup next year in Toronto!”

J: “What about outside the CFL?”

L: “I have always hoped to host my own lifestyle show; the normal hours would be great so I can get out of my sleep haze from doing the morning show. Most importantly, I want to raise my son to be the best person he can be.”


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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