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Making the change to gluten-free

When I first found out that I couldn’t eat any gluten I was in denial. I would still have the odd cookie or wheat product, thinking that I would be okay. Within 1 hour of eating it I knew it was a bad idea. I would still do it from time to time because I was too shy to say no or I was just lazy.

Finally, I decided to commit myself 100% and go gluten free, to my surprise it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I just had to find out what I COULD eat and go from there. In the past, I would deprive myself of bread which would lead me to sneak a cookie or something else with wheat in it. You have to find the alternative and eat that instead.

1. Toast, sandwiches and bread. I was never a big bread eater but I think it was because for a long time I knew how terrible it made me feel.  Now I make my own bread in a bread maker every Sunday. I cut it in slices, individually wrap them and put it in the freezer for the week to come. I buy the bread mix from the Bulk Barn, add water and butter, hit start and walk away. How easy is that?

2. If I get invited to someone’s house for dinner, I let them know that I have a gluten allergy and offer to make a tasty dish or two for everyone to try. I have this one friend that makes amazing dips; if you like dips bring a box of your favorite rice crackers.

3. I also love cookies and granola bars; it takes me 10 minutes to make a big batch of tasty nut bars that are gluten free. I wrap them so I have them to grab and go.

4. There are a lot of really tasty gluten free cereals that you can get at almost any grocery stores, even many discount grocers.

5. I always make sure that I have a snack or two with me to stop the cravings. There are more and more stores around that sell gluten free products. I love the bulk barn, it has A LOT of great tasting gluten free products.  Their pancakes are great. I make a large batch and freeze the rest that I do not eat at that sitting. I can toast them for a tasty lunch with fruit and brown sugar.

6. I love a good pasta dish in the winter time when it’s cold outside. I just switch to rice noodles or pad Thai, which are rice noodles.  If you like chips, you can have corn chips. I even saw lentil chips at the bulk barn and they were good as well as high in fiber, low in calories and fat.

The key to Healthy Living gluten-free is really about changing your habits and switching one product for another. Bringing new tasty side dishes and rice crackers to my friend’s house, isn’t putting them out, I am introducing them to new foods.  There are tons of gluten free recipes on the internet.  Just switch them out for some of your regular recipes.

Here is your gluten-free shopping list and tips:

  • Gluten free cereal
  • Rice noodles
  • Corn chips
  • Lentil chips
  • Gluten free pizza crust, bread and pancake mix
  • Rice crackers
  • If you are buying meat, make sure it is not breaded
  • Healthy Look at the ingredients label, if there is anything that says wheat on it there is gluten in it!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the grocery store where their gluten-free section is, you never know what you will find that you may like.

Gluten-Free Nut Bar Recipe:


  • 15 marshmallows
  • ½ cup almond butter
  • ½ cup organic brown sugar
  • ¼ cup butter
  • 2 cups gluten-free cereal
  • 1 cup of almonds
  • 1 cup of sunflower seeds (shelled)
  • ½ cup of hemp hearts
  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds (shelled)
  • ½ cup cashews (can be ground)
  1. In a large bowl, place all the dry ingredients and stir until it’s mixed up.
  2. In a large pot, melt butter, almond butter and marshmallows on medium heat, stirring continuously, you do not want it to burn.
  3. When it is all melted and smooth, add brown sugar, continue stirring till it gets smooth again.
  4. Turn off heat and add dry mixture and continuing to stir.
  5. Pour all mixture into a 9×13 glass dish, flatted in out in the pan.
  6. Pre cut bars into 15 portions, 3 across and 5 down, and place in the fridge for at least one hour.
  7. I like to individually wrap them so I can just grab and go.  If you like them hard and crunchy keep them in the fridge, if you like them soft and chewy keep them at room temperature.



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