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Have you seen your parents feet lately?

We take care of our elderly parents. We grocery shop, we take them to the bank, and we take them to medical appointments.

But, are we remembering to ask them to take off their shoes and take a look at their feet?

A foot care nurse has received additional specialized training in foot care. Many diabetics, seniors and busy adults have difficulty taking care of their feet due to poor mobility, eyesight, loss of strength in their hands or family and work life. At times, even the best of us can’t see the bottom of our feet.

Your loved one’s feet can give an early warning about serious health problems such as diabetes, nerve damage, poor blood circulation and arthritis.

People can develop serious foot problems as they age, which puts their health, independence and well-being at risk. Our foot care nurses are specially trained in the provision of elderly foot care, diabetic foot care, and will provide treatment, information and support that assist in the promotion of healthy feet and healthy living.

More times than then we are finding elderly clients with feet issues that could be taken care of by a foot care nurse in home or office.

AFCN INC. regularly receives calls and referrals from the community for elderly seniors foot care. What we find is sometimes older feet that have not been looked after in years! We see feet that are injured from a senior with poor hand dexterity trying to cut their toe nails themselves. We see seniors in pain from corns and calluses that could be treated and risks reduced for even further complications.

Our parents or senior friends can often feel embarrassed or reluctant to admit they need help or even hide the toes and nails in shoes too big! Let’s try some gentle encouragement to get them a visit with a advanced foot nurse today!

Book a foot care visit in the comfort of their own residence!

Our foot care services are ideal for seniors who have challenges with mobility and prefer to receive foot care services in the comfort of their own home. Our foot care nurses can also visit clients in retirement homes or long-term care facilities.



So today ask your mom ask your dad,

“Can we take a look at those feet?”