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    Dec 28 2020

    What is a Medical Foot Care Nurse?

    Medical foot care is provided in a sterile, professional environment. All equipment is fully sterilized and cleaned in a commercial autoclave room that’s audited, instruments sealed, packaged and unique to each individual....

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    Oct 10 2020

    How Compression Socks Work

    Compression socks promote the venous blood flow from the feet back toward the heart overcoming the effects of gravity. Medical grade graduated compression is designed to be stronger in the feet and gradually diminish in pressure as they extend up...

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    Sep 30 2020

    Is It a Callus or a Corn?

    They happen when the skin tries to protect an underlying area from injury, pressure, or...

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    Sep 10 2020

    Asking About Your Foot Care Tools

    You should never be afraid to ask WHO, HOW AND WHERE are the tools that are being used on your feet being...

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    Aug 25 2020

    MEDI PEDI a Better Pedicure…

    A MEDI-PEDI is a noninvasive, medical-grade pedicure that focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic care of the toenails and soles of the...

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    Aug 10 2020

    Protective Foot Care Services

    We are currently offering Foot Care Nursing HOME VISITS and our Foot Care OFFICE is open 3 days a week for those in need of getting those feet...

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