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The “Ideal” Foot Structure

Does everyone need orthotics?

No, not everyone needs orthotics. However, only a small percent of the population has the “ideal” foot structure for the modern terrain. The need for orthotics can vary; orthotics can help with lower back pain right down to pain in client’s toes. A thorough assessment from a qualified clinician will determine if someone is a candidate for custom orthotics.

There are different types of orthotics. This is specific to the client’s needs. The difference can be the material of the shell or top covers, the length of the orthotic or the differences are in the modification help alleviate the individuals discomfort.

If you are constantly on your feet at work, we suggest getting an assessment by a qualified clinician to determine if there are any existing or potential issues due to your occupational requirements.

Most of the population can benefit in one way or another with a properly manufactured pair of orthotics.


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