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How do I get rid of my back pain?

Almost everyone experiences some type of back pain during the course of their lives. Although upper back pain is common, lower back pain is far more prevalent amongst adults. For many people, back pain can be caused by poor posture and bad habits. The accumulated physical wear and tear our bodies experience on a day to day basis puts us at risk of experiencing back pain, regardless of occupation. Routine activities like gardening, housework, and picking up a child can trigger back pain. More than 70 percent of back problems begin during routine daily activities. Accidents and other forms of trauma account for only 30 percent of back problems. The question then is “Why does your back create symptoms with basic daily activities?” Answer: There is an underlying problem that must be corrected.

The causes and severity of pain are different for everyone that experiences back pain. Back pain can be attributed to many potential sources. The symptoms can overlap between different sources of spinal problems. The key then is identifying the true source of the spinal problem.Mulock & Yonge Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre has a unique approach to diagnosing and managing back pain. The first step is performing specific, accurate tests that identify areas of  inflammation (thermal scan), muscle tightness (sEMG), Voice Bio (voice analysis), x-rays and inner Healthy Body physiology like electrolyte balance, hormone levels and nervous system activity (electro interstitial scan) (for more details please visit our website at The Complete Health Analysis (CHA) along with the EI scan allows this to happen. Following the diagnosing process, we create a specific holistic treatment plan that incorporates chiropractic, naturopathic, alternative and registered massage therapies to treat your Healthy Body as a whole in an organized manner that will promote lasting health benefits. The key is to restore the Healthy Body’s ability to heal itself at a greater pace than the damage that is being done by your lifestyle.

Did you know that long term use of some of the pain drugs creates an addiction as a side effect! What ill effects do those drugs have on liver and kidney function long term? Remember that the drug does not cure the back pain – it merely masks the bodies’ ability to feel pain.

If we could find the solution to your back pain would you want that? If the pain could go away how would that change your life?The patients that have committed to changing their health have truly reaped the benefits. We are very happy to have been able to make that kind of impact on people’s lives. We are also very proud of our disciplined approach to solving complicated health issues.

Please contact our health centre to book your Complete Health Analysis and EI scan at 905 898 6644.

You don’t need to suffer for the rest of your life.


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