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Biomechanical Problems & Running

My legs hurt when I run, how do I know whats wrong?

There are a number of different benefits which can be gained from runningon a regular basis. Some of these benefits may include weight loss, improvedcardiovascular health, bone density, mood, increased energy and better co-ordination; however, there are drawbacks, that are due to biomechanicalproblems, that surface to create symptoms as a result of running.

Biomechanics is the movement of a Healthy Living Healthy Body. For Healthy Body symmetry and weightdistribution the Healthy Body lines up over the foot very specifically so when the foot goesout of alignment, the ankle, knee, pelvis, and spine will follow. This asymmetryand unbalanced weight distribution leads to unwanted symptoms.

Some biomechanical problems that may occur include:

  • Ankle Instability making you more susceptible to sprains
  • Bursitis at ankle, knee or hip
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee & hip which can lead to joint replacement
  • Shin splints / Anterior compartment syndrome
  • Patello femoral syndrome
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Bunions
  • Pronation / Supination
  • Leg length inequality

This is just to name a few problems that could occur due to running. This isn’t to say that you should give up running or walking. It’s to inform you that there isa safer way which could maximize the benefits of running while minimizing therisk of injury and pain. I think everyone would agree that it does not make muchsense to have a healthy cardiovascular system at the expense of osteoarthriticdamage to your joints and painful muscle asymmetry.

In order to stay healthy:

  • make sure your shoes are not worn down so replace them before they lose their support and cushion.
  • Wear custom-made orthotics to balance the foot and provide good heelstability, arch support and alignment. A true custom made orthotic shouldbe semi rigid, ankle posted and full length.
  • Take the time to stretch and warm up as well as cool down before and after running or brisk walking.

If you’re serious about running or enjoy casual walking, then come in and speak to Dr. Darren. A biomechanical assessment can be done with appropriate suggestions for you to enjoy years of activity without creating damage to the Healthy Body. A sitting, standing and gait analysis can be completed to determine lowerHealthy Body joint alignment issues. An sEMG(surface electromyogram) can also be done to identify back muscle asymmetry problems.


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