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What are the benefits of skin to skin contact with my new baby?

Skin to skin contact between new mom and baby is an important process that is often under mentioned and overlooked. There are now many studies that show that moms and babies should be together with skin to skin contact as close to the birth as possible and continue to do so for weeks afterwards.

Skin to skin has shown to help regulate baby’s heart rate, and breathing allowing them to adjust their heart rate and breath to their mom’s. It also shows that baby’s temperature and blood sugar levels are better regulated with skin to skin. 

Skin to skin contact immediately after birth for at least one hour can help in one of two main ways: Babies are more likely to latch on their own for breastfeeding and latch well. It also allows baby to be colonized by the same bacteria as their mom, helping them to form a stronger immune system to fight off bacteria later on in life.

To all you dads out there, skin to skin is great for both mom and dad. It helps baby know that they are not alone and allows them to better indicate to you what they need. So embrace your baby and celebrate this Spring with skin to skin contact.


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