Hypnosis to Improve Sports Performance

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My son's sports performance needs improvement to make it to rep, can hypnosis help? How?

Hypnosis may be beneficial for the professional athlete, school athlete or the social athlete. There are many issues that can influence the mental health and functioning of an athlete. Some examples may be confidence, identity issues, social distractions, career/school pressure. It is important for the athlete to also recognize issues that relate to their level of participation and achievement, some athletes may rely solely on their athletic success for their social and identity connections.

Other athletes may be in need of more stress reducing and honing concentration tools. Some athletes may be recovering from an injury where they are worried about their physical limitations or how they will perform in the future. All of these scenarios can be benefited using hypnosis as long as the athlete genuinely desires positive changes and is willing to do the work.

A common phrase for many athletes is “being in the zone”, this gives them an edge in their sport and it begins by being in a clear, focused and resourceful mindset. By using hypnosis as a tool, athletes can learn tools that help them let go of old behaviours and/or beliefs that have held them back as well as to learn useful techniques for honing that “in the zone” focus when they need it more successfully and more often.

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