How do I know if I need Orthotics?

By: Tom Lemke - Cped MC, Cped C, Jan 28, 2017
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What are some symptoms or tell tail signs that I should get orthotics?

Heel pain is the most common symptom leading to getting foot orthotics.  Followed by pain in the ball or forefoot, then pain in the legs and lower back. 

 I am starting to get hip pain, could getting the right shoe and/or orthotic help?

Yes!  The most important thing, before style, make, model, weight, materials used, etc. is fit.  Ill-fitting shoes, even by just a bit, can cause or exacerbate all sorts of problems in the feet legs and back.   Orthotics are primarily an alignment tool so if there is misalignment present in the feet and orthotic can make a big difference in bringing that misalignment back into line and eliminating pain.

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