Core Wellness Solutions

Holistic Health Practitioner in North Vancouver, BC

Core Wellness Solutions offers personal health consulting services like nutrition coaching, solution-based programs for weight loss, Eyology, Hair analysis, Ear Coning, Reiki and Health and Wellness Workshops to residents of North Vancouver and surrounding areas. 

We also offer health and assessment workshop, assessment tools and services such as eye analysis, hair analysis, and ear coning provided by Core Wellness Solutions health professionals. Core Wellness Solutions is managed by Joanne Mulhall, North Vancouver's Certified Wellness Practitioner. 

Core Wellness Solutions helps people suffering from lack of energy because of bad nutrition they are getting from unhealthy food and aims to help people feel healthy through various programs that we offer such as Weight Loss Solution Program, Energy and Performance Solution Program, Healthy Aging Solution Program.

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Core Wellness Solutions are passionate about helping people achieve their optimum health by educating others on how to eat healthily, take charge of their health and minimise diseases and illnesses.

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