inTOUCH Hearing Audiology Clinic

inTOUCH Hearing Audiology Clinic in Barrie, ON

inTOUCH Hearing offers Hearing Aids, Free Hearing Tests, Tinnitus Treatment, Hearing Aid Repairs, Custom Hearing Protection, Hearing Amplifiers and Hearing Aid Accessories in Barrie and surrounding areas.

We are a full-service audiology clinic staffed by licensed hearing professionals. Our goal is to help patients with their hearing needs and offers assistive listening devices. inTOUCH Hearing offers free hearing tests to gauge our clients' needs to get them back to living with optimal hearing.

We also offer Invisible Hearing Aids, and Hearing Aid Accessories. The group of audiologists and hearing specialists at inTOUCH Hearing aims to provide the best, high-quality hearing services available.

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We believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

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