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Emotional Shift

How does emotions work?

I have always been impressed by the way emotions work. Even more so I have been intrigued by how sometime emotions can seem almost on the same wavelength with each other but at the same time be opposite. In the graph above is an example of how this matching can work. As a Hypnotist I often find myself doing an emotional check of where the client is and how I can help the client to move forward. We call it a shift, can the client come to a point of shift, or do we need to walk through the story a little longer to get to the point where we can shift. Shifting to a more useful frame or positive place allow shift to happen. I enjoy this interaction with my clients as it allows me to move with them so we can start to move forward, always getting closer to their personal outcome. Even more impressive is how the interaction between Hypnotist, NLP and client can make such a quick change or shift in the client, in such a short period of time.