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Category: Healthy Look

Sep 12
Understanding Skin Laser Treatments

There can be a price to pay for having enjoyed a glorious summer... and that is often…

Aug 18
Understanding “Halo” Treatments

Halo treatment is a procedure meant for skin that has lost elasticity, pigment,…

Jul 27
Treating Stubborn Excess Fat

Do you have a desire for an improved appearance? Do you want to eliminate stubborn fat…

Jul 20
Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

Permanence of tattoos is the main reason why the thought of getting a tattoo can be…

Jun 30
Best Treatments For Fat Removal

For some, the transition to summer clothing can be disheartening, especially when one…

Jun 14
Understanding Healthy Body Fat Freezing

Coolsculpting™ is a Healthy Body-shaping treatment that freezes stubborn fat, and in…

May 20
Skincare Tips For Golfers

It is quite common for golfers to worry about skin issues. For most people, concerns…

Mar 30
Laser Vein Treatment

Veins from all parts of the Healthy Body respond extremely well to Laser Therapy.

Mar 29
Vitamin C & E for Healthy Skin

Vitamins C and E are antioxidants. They boost the immune system so it can fight off…

Mar 12
Understanding Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation improves the appearance of sun damaged skin and early signs of…