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Category: Healthy Look

Sep 25
When Water Flossers are More Effective

Don’t use water irrigation devices as a substitute for toothbrushing and flossing.

Sep 15
An Everlasting Flower

Helichrysum oil brings a lot of benefits to our mind and body.

Sep 12
How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

Do you have dark patches or dark spots in certain areas on your skin? Also known as…

Aug 13
Why You Should Stop Touching Your Face

A majority of us have a habit that puts us at an increased risk of contracting…

Oct 18
I am having some skin issues, can a naturopath help me?

Naturopathic medicine can be beneficial in treating many kinds of skin problems...

Jun 20
How to protect skin from Sun Damage & Pigmentation

While sun exposure can contribute to better sleep quality, stress relief, increased…

Jun 11
5 things a couple can try before separating.

Top 5 things a couple can do to try and repair their relationship before getting separated

May 23
Fraxel™ For Wrinkles, Lines and Scars

Acne scars can plague a person for a lifetime. Many people try various products and…

May 17
How to treat the stubborn fat that does not want to disappear

Surprising reasons why a muffin top, love handles, and cellulite stay even after…

Mar 22
Can skin care products and makeup actually go bad?

At Clarity Medspa in Toronto, we recommend inspecting your products at least twice a…