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Category: Healthy Body

Oct 10
Eczema 101

Living with eczema can be difficult, but sticking to this simple regimen can help heal…

Sep 21
Orthotic adjustments

Is it normal to make adjustments to my foot orthotics?

Sep 12
Seven ways to ease arthritis pain

September is arthritis awareness month. Here are some tips to help make the pain of…

Aug 13
Cast for custom orthotics

Why do you cast the feet when you make custom foot orthotics?

Dec 20
Antibiotics to the rescue?

Feeling under the weather? With cold and flu season upon us, you aren't alone. When…

Dec 06
Over-the-counter 101

Searching for medications at the drugstore can be overwhelming, especially when you…

Oct 15
The great balancing act

It's no secret life after baby can be challenging at the best of times. Many new moms…

Oct 01
Making the most of massage

Besides the relaxing and rejuvenating effects it has, massage therapy has a number of…

Jul 21
Healthy in a hurry

Iif you're aware of what you're eating and keeping a balanced diet, a frozen meal…

May 31
An ounce of prevention

Food allergies and sensitivities can be the underlying causes of many childhood…