Anger Management for Children

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Our small groups allow for personal intense work so change and improvement can happen faster!



  • The group is small as this allows for personal intense work and so change/ improvement can be at a faster pace as children become empowered.
  • Children are made aware of the goal/s they are working on so they are able to take responsibility working with the program to make their personal improvement.
  •  Children’s efforts improvement and accomplishments are acknowledged by the group and the children take pride in sharing these.
  • The empowerment of children means they no longer need the group which keeps the group small.
  • Some children may take a longer time to reach a place of empowerment and will need to stay longer in the group.
  •  The Social Skills/Anger Management Group is very personalized and focuses on the needs of each individual child in the group.
  •  There has been a report from parents and school that changes have been observed in some children after two group sessions.

  • It is a requirement that children’s behaviours are monitored at home and at school.
  •  It is a requirement that after every fourth group that there has to be a session with the child’s parent/s to review, continue or set new goals for the child based on parents and school observation and report in regards to the needs of the child.

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