I Feel Stuck, How can I Encourage Myself to try New Things?

By: Ingrid Herbert Mar 04, 2020
Counselling, Toronto, Ontario, Getting Fulfilment out of life

The decision making is a little more of a two-step method

Below are three suggestions on how to get "Un-Stuck" in life and to be open to trying new things.  We all want to live a fulfilled life but sometimes we need a little help or guidance finding our way to it.

Ingrid breaks this down into three steps and if you want more personalized help she is offering a free 30-minute call 

Three Steps to your new fulfiled life...

  1. I like playing with the imagination. Ask yourself questions. Here are 3 questions that could get you unstuck in just a few minutes and put your emotional brain in a playful mood to explore endless possibilities to try new things for a better life.  “I wonder how I could do x,y,z,?” or “Wouldn’t it be fun if I did know?” or even an NLP approach is “What if I did know the answer to my having a better life and trying new things?”
  2. Another approach I talk about in my book is discipline and decision making.  There is a quote that says “discipline is the gateway to freedom”, I don’t know the author but I do believe in that approach. At some point you do need to get serious about the things you want, so discipline your fears, schedule that new adventure in your calendar and show up to try something new and then do it!
  3. The decision making is a little more of a two-step method I’ve developed. First be truthful with the outcome that you want, which is to get unstuck. And second, be prepared to follow through with the action. This may involve a change in mindset, accountability, a new habit and or behaviour to stay firm with the decision you’ve made to do whatever it takes to have a better, happier, more enjoyable life.

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