Self-Discipline and Personal Strength Through Meditation

By: Ingrid Herbert Dec 02, 2019
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Grow Your Light!

Creating “Sacred Space” Workshops ….Grow your Light!

  • Get the Self-discipline to easily connect to your personal strength on a daily basis
  • Get a deeper connection with your meditation practice, better mental clarity, and mental health
  • Get clearer alignment with your insights and instincts so you act authentically, truly beat your “own drum”

These workshops will teach you how to build a “Sacred Space externally and internally” to grow and strengthen you spiritually. Using tools which were given to me that I continue to practice and develop as a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master. They will give you the basics of fire, wind, water, and earth and how to incorporate these elements to move between the visible and invisible realm to provide the support you need to nurture your spirit.

Developing yourself spiritually is fundamental in becoming your full potential. The ancients practiced their connection to nature, self-exploration, and connection to the universal life force as part of their daily living. Learning how to create “Sacred Space” is a daily practice that is key to grounding you on your personal journey, giving you a feeling of empowerment, peace and a sense of communion with all life. It will provide growth and insight into your personal flow with spirit.

Wellness Coach and Holistic author in Toronto, ON.

Wellness To offers wellness coaching and energy healing through Reiki, spiritual wellness, spiritual healing, and meditation groups. Wellness To also provides self-awareness programs, emotional healing and provides wellness speaking in the Greater Toronto Area.

Wellness To is managed by Ingrid Herbert, a wellness coach, emotion coach, reiki master, and wellness speaker and utilises comprehensive healing strategies within the clinic and offers online sessions. The healing strategies include nutrition, balanced lifestyle, and stress management.

Ingrid uses energy healing such as reiki and spiritual wellness to deal with a patient’s low body energy levels. Helping individuals to improve their overall lifestyle enables Ingrid to help patients create positive changes with their lives through compassion and creative problem-solving. Wellness To empowers patients to optimize their productivity, manage their everyday stress effectively and learn healthy day to day habits. These goals can be achieved by meditation, Mindfulness, body and mind detoxification.

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