Why is water one of the best health tools?

By: Parry Sound Acupuncture, Oct 11, 2018
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Get the tips, tricks and benefits of drinking water.

Did you Know?

  • Dehydration has been linked with many health conditions.
  • Once you feel thirst you are already in a state of dehydration.
  • The blood is over 90% water, and blood carries oxygen to the cells.
  • Cartilage contains around 80% water, thereby, lubricating the joints.
  • The brain is about 74% water.
  • The muscles are approximately 75% water.
  • Since we are around 60% water most people know they should be drinking enough water daily, but many may not quite get around to ingesting it.


We all do things we don’t necessarily like to do, and if you are not a big water fan it’s time to start getting into a new habit. Before you know it, you will be drinking it without even thinking about it, like when you brush your teeth. Even if you enjoy water are you getting enough? Or maybe too much?

Just as we are all different shapes and sizes our water needs differ from individual to individual. It depends on age, lifestyle, activity levels, climate. It is possible to drink too much water so be sure to adjust according to your needs.

An Easy Calculation

Divide your body weight by two. Divide that number by eight. That is the number of glasses (cups) your body needs per day.

For example:

180 LBS divided by 2 = 90

90 divided by 8 (8 ounces in 1 cup) = 11.25 oz

Therefore, if you weigh 180 lbs you need 11 cups of water per day.

If you have a high activity level or outside in the heat you will need more water. And remember to replenish electrolyte loss.

Coffee: every coffee consumed requires two cups of water to balance. That is on top of your daily water needs.

This is a general equation and does not replace any medical advice. If you have any health condition, seek advice from your primary health care professional.


Water Benefits

  • Hydrates intestines for waste removal
  • Beauty Food, fighting premature aging and wrinkles
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Helps with energy
  • Helps with muscle contraction
  • Moistens the respiratory linings
  • Assists weight loss and management
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Helps the cardiovascular system
  • And more…


  • Drink room temperature water. Cold drinks constrict and slow down digestion.
  • Feeling hungry, drink a glass of water, you may simply be thirsty.
  • Keep a 1 Litre (4 cups) glass flask of water on your counter or desk and consume it during the day. If it’s sitting there in front of you chances are you will consume it. We all get busy and don’t have the time or forget to refill a glass, so if you have a litre or two ready, it’s easy to refill your cup.
  • In the cooler months keep a 6 or 12 pack of water in your vehicle, you never know when you will need it.
  • On that note, always have water on you; purse, vehicle. I love the S’well bottles (worth the investment) that keep hot liquids hot and cool liquids cool so it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside.
  • Do what works for you to create the habit of drinking water.


What if I don’t like the taste of water?

Like anything, drinking an adequate amount of water for daily needs becomes a habit. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Please note if you currently consume less than 4 cups a day, start slow and increase gradually so your body can get used to the fluid coming in. Increase by a cup every week.

Add natural foods and sweeteners like:

  • Lemon or lime slice (do not exceed ½ lemon per day)
  • Berries
  • Orange slice
  • Liquid Chlorophyll (I recommend the Nature’s Sunshine Products brand, high quality, and has a nice mild minty taste). Many health benefits.
  • Natural flavored liquid drops like Lakanto droppers containing monk fruit extract (natural sweetener) with zero calories, zero glycemic index, boosts flavor without affecting blood sugar. 330 servings. Available in Original, Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate. www.lakanto.com 

Read ingredients on any product you are thinking of trying. Make sure it is sweetened naturally for example with stevia, xylitol, monk fruit, erythritol, etc.


Water is the essence of life, bringing health to the cells, the body, the mind.


Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only and is not medical advice and does not replace any medical advice. Please consult your health care provider for health concerns.


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