What are bunions and how can I prevent in getting them?

By: Tom Lemke - Cped MC, Cped C, Jul 11, 2018
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How can I protect my feet?

I have a bunion, my mother has a bunion and her mother had a bunion....good news, you can do things to keep them at bay and from getting really painful.

A bunion is not a growth, a bunion is the metatarsal phalangeal joint (the one at the base of the big toe) opening up on the Medial side as the distal end of the Metatarsal bone and the proximal end of the big toe move toward the mid-line of the body.

Bunions are by far and away caused by heredity. To keep a bunion from getting worse one can use a night splint that pulls the big toe back into line keeping it straight as you sleep, manually moving the big toe joint with your hand as much as possible when one is sitting, watching TV, having a coffee, etc. and wearing foot orthotics, shoes that are not too tight, shoes with adequate support and staying active.

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