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By: Tania Facer, RHN May 16, 2018
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Learn how to remove roadblocks from your goals.

Learn how to transform unhealthy habits to new ones!

Get resilient workshop

Saturday, May 12th, 11 am to 12:30 pm

Friday, May 18th, 7 pm to 8:30 pm

This workshop is for you if you've tried to make a change in your life before, haven't been successful despite many attempts and don't know why.

Come to the 'Prepare The Pilot' workshop and learn what is the biggest roadblock in the way of your goal and how to remove it. Hint: it isn't lack of self-control or willpower. 

To accomplish any goal whether you want to eat better, exercise more, increase productivity at work or even transform a relationship, you will need to do things differently than you are habitually accustomed to doing. Sounds simple enough -- change your old ways to get the desired new outcome.

Why is something so straightforward so hard to do? Why do so many of us fail to make simple changes even though the benefits far outweigh the effort required? 


1. You didn't start doing what you needed to when you said you would
2. You started but lost momentum and motivation and gave up
3. You started really strong but took on too much, too fast and totally burnt out


The technique and skills of how to make a change is more important than knowing what needs to change. Without the former, the latter will remain a hope and a dream that is forgotten and forsaken. 
But the right skills practiced consistently through the process of change will transform your dreams of change into a new life. 

At the workshop:

You will have a great time interacting with other participants and doing some introspective work to discover and understand how to align the different forces in your mind behind your goal. 

Arrive at your own insights and reasons why you are stuck and how to move forward. Apply the skills you learn here to any change you are trying to make in your life. 

Your investment for this workshop to better yourself is $60

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Tania Facer is the proud owner, Director, and leader of REVIVE Pilates and Yoga, blessed by its founder to carry the torch into the future with zeal, innovation, and compassion. Tania started Pilates and Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® at Second Wind® Pilates Plus® in 2003. From day one, she was hooked. Tania’s active Pilates practice and teaching throughout her three pregnancies quickly helped her recover her strength, trail-running, and racing. Tania is a great example of how a strong core is essential for the athlete and weekend warrior. Tania is also a Pre-Post Natal and Pilates for Runners instructor, as well as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N) through the Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition. Tania strives to empower others to pursue a healthy and dynamic lifestyle, both physically and nutritionally.

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