Why do I have to drink water before my ultrasound exam?

By: STL Diagnostic Imaging Jun 16, 2017
Burlington Ontario, STL Diagnostic Imaging

Why do I have to fast for my ultrasound?

The type of ultrasound exam will determine whether you need to drink water for the test. If the exam is an abdominal ultrasound, the patient does not need to drink water. A pelvic ultrasound requires at least 40 Oz of water 1 hour prior to the appointment time. The full bladder serves as a window to see your pelvic organs (i.e. uterus, ovaries or prostate). Without a full bladder it is difficult to see them.

Why do I have to fast for my ultrasound?

An abdominal ultrasound requires that you fast for at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This reduces the amount of gas in your abdomen (which obstructs the abdominal organs). Eating triggers the digestive system to take effect. This causes the gallbladder to contract, preventing the sonographer to visualize abnormalities such as gallstones.

When will I get the results of my ultrasound?

If you are seeing your doctor immediately after your ultrasound appointment, a verbal report will be called or faxed to your Doctor. If you are not seeing your doctor after the ultrasound test, a final report will be faxed to your doctor with 24-48 hours.

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