What to expect during your first psychotherapy session.

I have my first psychotherapy session today, what should I prepare for?

A few things to be prepared for during your first psychotherapy session.

During the first session, five basic things will happen. 

(1)  The psychologist will explain your rights and responsibilities (e.g., confidentiality and privacy) and obtain your informed consent to proceed;

(2) He or she will tell you what to expect in the rest of the first session, depending on whether you are there for an assessment or therapy. 

(3) The psychologist conducts an intake interview, also called an initial clinical assessment, in which a variety of questions are asked about the nature and history of the problem that led you to seek treatment/assessment. 

(4) Typically, the psychologist will give you some idea of what to expect over the course of treatment or assessment, such as the estimated number of sessions and the techniques or strategies that will be used.

(5) Lastly, you both will have a better idea about the nature of the problem and of how well the psychologist understands you.  This is an important part of rapport building, which is feeling comfortable with the psychologist and which is needed to further the development of a strong working relationship.  Within the next few sessions a more specific treatment plan, including setting goals, will be developed.

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