Honey and Allergies

How can honey help with environmental allergies?

Nature's Natural Antihistamine

Your local bees can help you fight environmental allergies. Local honey is a natural antihistamine. . Instead of an over the counter antihistamine, take a teaspoon of local honey a day. It is like taking a homeopathic product except it doesn’t taste like alcohol. Rule of thumb – when you start to see bees in the spring, it is time to start eating last year’s honey.

Honey is also a good way to calm a tickle in the throat. Research has shown that it coats the throat and calms the nerves that supply it. The next time you have a cold add it to black tea and lemon for a natural Neocitran. Due to its naturalness it is an excellent Pediatric formula. If your honey has gone hard put it in the microwave for three minutes. This will make it a liquid again, and kill any bacteria. Enjoy the sweetness.

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