How to choose a baby carrier

By: Dr. Mélissa Desrosiers, DC Mar 06, 2014
How to choose a baby carrier | Rockland Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

What should I look for in a baby carrier?

Tips for choosing the perfect baby carrier for your little one.

1. Carry your baby facing you

The flexed position a baby assumes on his mother’s chest is more efficient at conserving heat than chest exposed. It also supports the head and the neck properly avoiding airways obstruction. The positional asphyxia is possible when babies have no neck control and their chin falls toward their chests.

2. Choose a carrier that supports the hips

Choosing an ergonomic carrier that supports the legs is important for healthy hip development. Your baby’s leg should be pulled up to at least hip level if not higher. This is possible only if the fabric in a baby carrier covers the whole back of the tigh, to the backside of the knee. If not, the baby’s legs are simply dangling, his spine and hips are unsupported to and
there is simply nowhere for baby to sit.

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