Baby bumps and stilettos: Fashion faux pas or safety hazard?

By: Mar 17, 2014
Baby bumps and stilettos: Fashion faux pas or safety hazard?

Is it safe to wear high heels when pregnant?

Fashion guru and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has been spotted around town wearing some massive 5-inch stilettos. This should hardly come as a surprise as she makes a living wearing outrageous and cutting-edge fashion. So why all the fuss? Well, Ms. Zoe happens to be sporting a pretty big baby bump too. That begs the question – is it safe to wear heels when pregnant?

The fact is, most pregnant women can’t even wear their favourite heels because their feet are too swollen due to fluid retention. That’s right ladies, even your feet get fatter. And you may never be able to wear your favourite heels even after you give birth. It is not uncommon that your feet will go up an entire shoe size by the time you give birth.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can squeeze into your favourite pair of heels despite the Fred Flintstone feet and cankles, your doctor does not recommend it – especially during the second and third trimesters when your balance is off-kilter anyway. And to make matters worse, because baby is taking up so much room, your stance becomes naturally wider, making heels even more of a challenge.

There’s also the comfort factor. Pregnancy brings about all sorts of pain like back aches and cramps. We’ve all seen someone doing the pregnancy walk, waddling by while simultaneously holding their back with one hand. Wearing heels can make those pains worse.

So what do you do if you plan on accessorizing your baby bump with a pair of heels? Experts recommend that you do so sparingly. That means you should alternate wearing heels with flatter shoes to avoid the risk of falling and making back and leg pain worse.

Good posture is important too. Standing tall and bringing in your belly as much as possible will help ward off back pain so be sure to keep that back straight and shoulders back. If you’re worried about leg cramps, doing a few calf raises and stretches (don’t even think of doing these while wearing your heels) can help keep cramps at bay.

While many women dread shopping for maternity clothes, it is a good excuse to go shopping. So while you’re picking out a nice pair of pregnancy pants with elastic in the waistband you might as well get some pregnancy pumps to properly house your giant feet. That way when you do put your heels on they will be as comfortable as possible.

Is wearing high heels while pregnant tacky and unsafe or ok with you? Let us know. We want to hear from you.