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10 Reasons Why Hypnosis is Great for Weight Loss

Have you tried all kinds of diets, Weight Loss programs or supplements that at first seem great only to leave you gaining the weight back or maybe even more? Are you tired of feeling like food or emotions are in control of your life?

Do you find yourself coping with the stress around you by heading to the cupboards or fridge more and more? Maybe you’re even avoiding trying on clothes you used to wear because you fear they will be tighter and uncomfortable.

You know that making healthier choices with food and being more active will help you feel better but for some reason you may find that you just can’t seem to make the changes in a long term way, leaving you more and more disappointed each time you try. You may even avoid taking these actions because you feel that Weight Loss has to be hard and unpleasant.

What if you could learn a way to lose weight that is long lasting, effective and even fun? If you are ready to really make some healthy lifestyle changes and let go of the old boring behaviours that used to hold you back, here are 10 Reasons Why Hypnosis could be a Great tool for your Weight Loss Goals.

1. Hypnosis is completely Natural and Safe.

There are no chemicals, packaged foods or pills that you have to take when using a Hypnosis program. We have had many clients come who have tried every program there is from shakes to pills to deprivation and they found that Hypnosis helped them make real changes naturally so that it becomes  just a healthy way of life. Say Goodbye to short term fad diets and Hello to a simple and exciting healthy lifestyle.

2. The Tools and Skills You Learn are Long Lasting

Sometimes at the end of a diet or Weight Loss program you may find that you fall right back to old patterns or routines, it can be very disappointing and you may feel like you failed. This is because a lot of the information you’re following during these other programs may not actually fit into your real lifestyle once the program is over. For instance, if another program asks you to only drink shakes for 2 out of the 3 meals every day, this may not realistically fit into your real life. I remember one client who before using Hypnosis, would challenge herself to give up certain foods for 30 days just to prove she could. Then after the 30 days were over she would always go back to eating the bad foods and over indulge in them since she felt denied.

This is really not a healthy perspective since it just enhances the internal debate of what you should do and what you want to do. With Hypnosis, we help you to learn the skills and tools of having your actions fit into your real life and end the internal debate. We can help you learn to make a single minded decision where the positive intention of the old behaviours are met in new and healthy ways. Thus, helping you feel confident and solid about your decision while looking forward to shifting your current lifestyle to be exciting and healthier.

3. Continuous Feedback

Do you remember when you learned to drive a car? Or ride a bike? Or when you learned a new system at work? Think of the person helping you learn. Chances are that they didn’t just show you the skill once and then let you figure out the rest on your own, that could be pretty dangerous in some scenarios. More than likely, they showed you, had you try it and then gave you feedback on how to make it even better. This too is important when learning new skills to help manage your weight better. Having a coach in your corner can really allow you the freedom and security to try the actions and get the feedback that helps you improve or keep focused to get you closer to the goals you desire.

4. Not Just About the Food You Eat

Take a moment and remember a time where you were overeating or eating things you knew weren’t good for your body. What other things were going on besides the food? Was it at a family gathering where you felt connected to those around you? Were you bored and at home watching T.V.? Did you have emotional stresses happening in your life that made you feel out of control? There are many reasons other than hunger that we choose to overeat or to over indulge in unhealthy foods. Because every action and decision comes from a place of emotion, using Hypnosis can help you to find the underlying reasons as well as help teach you ways to still get the positive reasons those old actions were needed but in a better, more healthy way!

5. Tools that Can be Used for Helping with Other Obstacles

Just like in the scene from the movie “The Karate Kid” where Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel to “wax on, wax off” the tools and skills you learn using Hypnosis also allow you to help in many other areas in your life. Clients find that the tools that they learn can easily help their everyday lives in a big picture way. We have had clients come for a specific program, let’s say Weight Loss, and while practicing the tools were also able to help in other challenges for example perhaps quitting smoking, just from practicing the skills they learn throughout their day in different areas.

6. You Look Forward to the Healthy Actions You Take

Do you dread going to the gym or working out? Do you feel that eating fruits and veggies is a chore? Maybe you start a program by looking at it as something you don’t want to do but that you feel you have to.

What if you could be excited to take healthy actions? What if you could really see it as a reward? What if you could look forward to exercise like a kid that looks forward to running and playing outside at recess?

Would that make it harder or easier for you to stay focused and take the steps toward your goals? You may not know this yet but your

Weight Loss journey can be an enjoyable experience. Having fun and excitement while using the hypnosis tools really helps make your success long lasting.

7. You can Lose TWICE as much Weight using Hypnosis as part of your Weight Loss Program.

Studies have shown that most people who add Hypnosis to their Weight Loss program lose TWICE as much weight than those who don’t use Hypnosis. This is because by adding Hypnosis to your Weight Management program, it allows you to really see, feel and hear as the Thin, Healthy and Strong you, you desire to be. Learning skills that help to anchor the exciting and satisfied feelings you need, these tools help you break the old patterns and choose healthier options. You learn tools that really help you shift your beliefs from expecting disappointment to those of believing you CAN and WILL lose the weight and keep it off!

8. Hypnosis Helps Empower You to Keep the Weight Off

The fad diets, the pills and the supplements all have a high failure rate because at the end of the program you don’t have the next step in place to keep going and reaching for your next goal. Many feel as though they are only able to live a healthy lifestyle if they are being told exactly what to do each day so when that ends or some life event happens that disrupts the routine, they feel lost and go right back to the old unwanted coping behaviours of over-eating and making unhealthy choices. It’s painful to see yourself going back to square one over and over. When you use Hypnosis as a tool to Manage Your Weight, you also learn to keep yourself continuously inspired by having your next goal ready as you achieve each step. You have the choice to take it as fast as you feel is comfortable and 
allow the healthy changes to fit easily and automatically into your life. Like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes, it’s just something you do.

9. Flexibility

One size does not fit all, that is true for many things and changing to a healthier lifestyle is no different when losing weight. Customized Hypnosis programs can make it easy for you to take the positive actions you already use in your life and find a flexible way of making them even healthier, more active and more rewarding! We say that if you follow your program 85% you will reach your goals, that means that there is 15% leeway. So if you fall off and have one cookie this does not mean that you ruined your entire program. Getting the feedback you need can show you that you simply CHOOSE to make the healthy choices most of the time and that it feels better for you emotionally, physically and mentally.

10. Losing Weight Can Be Simple and Fun with Hypnosis

We all know the reasons for wanting to be rid of the hassle of extra weight. The embarrassment, the worry about our health, the effect on our social life or relationships and many other reasons causes us to want to lose weight.

There are lots of things that we ​Don’t ​ want but what is it that you ​Do ​ want? What does your life look like when you are fit, slim, trim and healthier? Visualizing all of the things you will get as you accomplish your Weight Loss goals makes your choices more simple and your actions more fun because you are moving towards the pleasure of your goals and not the 
pain of what the old behaviours caused. The old saying about getting more bees with honey works well when thinking about the reasons for your goals as well!

You have the choice, you can continue to feel stuck on the Weight Loss merry go round or you can try a new exciting and fun way that really breaks the old patterns and replaces them with simple long lasting healthy tools that can help you finally Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Hypnosis may be the opportunity you need to finally make a clear and solid decision to have the fit and healthy lifestyle you desire. The choice is yours!

Jasmine made her choice and here is what she says about using Hypnosis for her Weight Loss journey… 
“When I first came here I felt desperate and out of options. I felt like I had tried everything from cleansing to diets and nothing worked. After only a couple of visits I started to notice great changes! I was happier and more energetic, I have been drinking more water and choosing healthier foods. I look forward now to each Day! I definitely should have tried Hypnosis first!” 

Jasmine F. – Student

It’s time to find out if Hypnosis is the opportunity you need to build the fit and healthy lifestyle you desire. The choice is yours​. 
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