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5 Positive Daily Routines in Self-isolated

There are top 5 daily routines to keep in place when self-isolated.

1. Wake up before 9 am. Our bodies have an innate structure called the suprachiasmatic nucleus that signals the Pineal Gland to produce certain hormones when the sun comes up and when the sun goes down. It is imperative for our mental health to follow the primitive blueprint of the brain, in order for optimal function.

2. Follow Ayurvedic practices for organ health. Throughout the day, our bodies function at an optimal pace when they coincide with what is best for a particular organ, at a particular time of day. This may sound like nonsense but it has been a revered practice carried out by ancient civilizations for years.

3. Check out Joe Sapinenza’s breathing techniques and spiritual practice if you haven’t already. He will get your Kundalini rising!

4. Clean your Healthy Living environment to a standard that is comfortable for you. Mental health is largely a reflection of how we feel.

5. Research what is really going on. Mainstream media isn’t exactly where we should go for news in 2020.