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7 Ways to Stay Active in Winter

You can still stay active and keep your active lifestyle during winter!

Winter can be a great time to be warm and cozy indoors but it can also be a great time to get creative so you stay physically active all year round.

Keeping physically active is important for our physical, mental and emotional well being.

Here are 7 easy ways to stay moving during the colder months …

Find a fun activity.

Maybe it’s hiking outdoors, sledding, snow showing, cross country skiing, skating, making snow forts or snowmen. If you throw on some good music you can even make shoveling the driveway fun!

Stay Warm.  

Layers! Layers! Layers! Try to stay away from cotton and aim for moisture wicking materials. 

Keep your clothes on when you get inside. 

Wait 10 – 15 minutes once you get inside to let your body temperature adjust and avoid getting sick. 

Drink up! 

Staying hydrated in EVERY season is important. So drink some water before, during and after your activity if possible. Try some warm water in a thermos as an easy way to stay warm and hydrated. 

Use daylight hours.

If possible, use daylight hours to be outdoors this can be a safer option as well as provide you with vitamin D. If you do have to be outside in the evening, wear reflective clothing and be visible. 

Create a home gym

You can easily set up a great workout area in your living room or basement and buy some inexpensive equipment such as stretch bands and a stability ball. You can even use cans from the cupboard. 

Climb stairs. 

Either at home or in your workplace, spend as little as five minutes at a time climbing up and down the stairs for a very intense and efficient workout.

Have fun and enjoy the benefits of moving your body all year!