Bedroom Makeover Cleaning Checklist!

The best way to enjoy spring is by making your bedroom clean. This simple bedroom spring cleaning checklist should help you a good start! Spring cleaning is meant to be done is spring, right? But guess what? You can always do this in the winter months.
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Doing your cleaning in winter is being embraced nowadays. After all, you have more down time and it can get your Healthy Body moving since we are all forced indoors. Because of this, you can have your home squeaky clean–including your bedroom.

Sometimes we can forget about cleaning our bedroom as it is a place we just sleep. But the truth is, there’s a need for you to make this place as relaxing and comfortable as possible. You can sleep better if your bedroom is organized and free from clutter.

Below is a checklist that you can follow to have a calm and sleep-friendly bedroom.

Clean Bedding

Spring is the perfect time to wash your bedding because of the free availability of sunlight. But if you wash your bedding in the winter and hang it in your home it helps with the humidity and makes the air in the home less dry.  It is a win-win!  Also, the smell of the clean sheets drying naturally in the home gives the house a clean smell.

You have to take out your comforter, shams, and sheets, and make sure all is cleaned. Throughout the months, they have gathered dust and dirt. If you let these things be, they will eventually cause health problems.

Wash them with mild detergents and let them be dried by the air. You have to avoid the use of bleach because it can weaken the structure of the linen. It causes discolouration, too!

Work With Your Pillows

It is also vital that you wash your pillows. Don’t ever let your pillows be forgotten during cleaning because that would be a fatal mistake.

Take into account that you always lie in your pillow. Any dirt that is in your Healthy Body will be immediately passed to it. Even if there are pillowcases, it is still necessary that you keep a regular cleaning schedule for washing your pillows.  

Before you wash, make sure that your pillows are safe for machine washing. If that’s the case, use a moderate cycle and liquid detergent. In this way, the structure of the pillows won’t be harmed.

You’re Mattress

Your mattress has to be cleaned as well. There is no exception to this. But unlike your pillows, your mattress cannot go in the washing machine…LOL, mattresses are quite impossible to be washed. After all, its sheer size will prevent you from doing so.

Instead, what you need to do is to vacuum the mattress so that you can suck out all the dust that has gathered there. Next, you have to deodorize it with the use of a baking soda. Don’t ever forget that our sweat may cause our mattresses to stink.  

There’s no problem if you are going to vacuum the mattress after you applied baking soda on it. For stains, it is best that you use hydrogen peroxide, table salt, and the liquid detergent mixture as a treatment.

If your mattress is old already, then it is high time that you have to replace them. There are more ergonomic mattresses out there than what you have right now.

Tackle Your Closets

Now, I am pretty sure that a lot of you are not into cleaning their closets. It is quite tiresome and rigid, depending on how many things you have stored there. But since it is winter, dealing with this problem should be easy.

The process is actually simple. The first thing that you have to do is to remove and/or throw away unneeded clutter.

Next, organized your clothes by this category: those that are needed to be hanged and those that are required to be folded. You need to hang clothes that are prone to wrinkles quickly such as dress, blouses, and slacks. Meanwhile, your shirt, short, jeans, sweatpants, and sweaters should be the ones that you should fold.

Clean the Floors

Don’t forget to clean the floor of your bedroom. We can forget to clean our bedroom floors as it is a less traffic area.

They should be vacuumed and washed at least once a month.  Be sure to clean the baseboards as well, they are known to gather dust.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

In some countries this is a bigger problem but in North America, we see it less but it is troublesome but with a good cleaning in your bedroom, you can sleep with a piece of mind knowing there are no little critters hanging around. These creatures are the number one cause of sleeping nuisances. Some of them can induce health problems, as well.

You might have no idea how to deal with bed bugs. Using chemicals and insecticides without proper knowledge can pose more risk to you and your household than to these tiny invaders.

Wrapping It Up

Cleaning can be fun, especially that it means that you have a chance to re-work the arrangement by maybe moving your furniture around and upping the cleanliness of your bedroom. Although it may sound like an exhausting chore, the end result would be truly satisfying. Start your new year out right with a clean bedroom.

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