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How to drop the last 10 pounds you want to lose!

The last 10 pounds can be very difficult to lose, but...

The last 10 pounds can be very difficult to lose, but not impossible. Your Healthy Body gets comfortable being a certain size/weight. It doesn’t like change. As the last few pounds begin to resist leaving, you need to change things up a bit more drastically.

Stay hydrated. This helps reduce the hungry feeling. Eat nutrient dense but low calorie foods. Foods high in fibre help fill you up. Vegetables are good for this. Short rounds of intense cardio (HIIT) are good for promoting fat loss. Do resistance training. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn all day.

Many people hit the treadmill thinking that if they do more cardio, they will lose more weight. Usually the opposite happens as you will begin burning off muscle which lowers your metabolism which slows calorie loss.

See a personal trainer to get a tailored work out to help shed those last 10 pounds.