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How To Deal With Discomfort While Sleeping

Waking up can be hard at times. Waking up with a sore back can be even worse... What can you do to improve your posture at night?

After spending over 7 hours in bed, (hopefully asleep), if your Healthy Body was not in the proper sleep position with your hips properly aligned, your lower back will suffer. Side sleepers particularly, suffer from this, because if the upper leg does not remain. If properly stacked against your bottom leg, but pulls forward, it will pull your spine out of its neutral position and put pressure on your lower back. A knee pillow between the knees will maintain correct sleep posture, preventing this pain. To ensure that the knee pillow does not move or shift in the night you can get ones with soft comfortable strap on the pillow to hold it in place and get you a good night’s sleep that will not leave you sore in the morning.

Sometimes the source of the discomfort is the position you sleep in. Other times, it is due to the pillow you use to alleviate that pain. Side sleepers often realize that they require a pillow between their knees to prevent back pain. When the weight of their upper leg is pulling their upper hip down and shifting the pelvis, and in turn shifting the spine. This can cause a lot of discomforts.

However, just throwing a regular pillow between your knees and thighs will result in an uncomfortable sleep, because it is too large and gets in the way when you turn over, which we all do several times a night. Who wants to have that hassle? There are special pillows made for side sleepers that have a strap to hold the pillow in place. No fuss no muss.

What can help me be less stiff in the morning?

If you are finding yourself stiff in the morning, it is probably the position your Healthy Body was in when you were sleeping. If you are a side sleeper this is normally the reason if you consider that you are putting a lot of pressure on your side Healthy Body and you are sleeping with your knees and hips out of alignment.

The solution could be to sleep with a knee pillow between the knees to maintain proper hip alignment throughout the night, and your hips being aligned will keep your spine from twisting and will get rid of this stiffness. It will prevent your hips from leaning forward and twisting your spine while you sleep. It must attach to the leg, to stay in place all night. Who would have thought that just by adding this small comfortable pillow to your night’s sleep could do so much for your Healthy Body?